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Recipe Collection

Making breakfast 365-days a year, for more than 30-years, has taught us that some recipes will always be favorites. Recipes we find most popular at the Inn, are those that use fresh seasonal produce and products from this amazing Northern California Wine Country. This is a land of rich agricultural bounty, and every town in the area including Healdsburg, has at least one farmers market a week. Our chefs often have their own organic gardens and out due themselves and each other with seasonal creations. We couldn't live here and not be affected by the food and wine culture. We add new recipes to the list of favorites every year. When people think B&B, they mostly think breakfast, but every afternoon we serve freshly baked cookies and other baked sweets at the inn. On Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, and for our Chocolate Dinners and Chocolate events, we have collected chocolate recipes both sweet and savory. But, we've also held special event dinners like our annual Robert Burns Dinner, musical entertainment evenings and participated in Sonoma Wine Country foodie events and numerous Wine Country cookbooks. Here we've collected together some fabulous menus and recipes to share. And, in every one of our newsletters we publish one or more Wine Country seasonally inspired recipes. Be sure to sign-up for the newsletter below to have all that's new and exciting at the inn delivered to your inbox.