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The Camellia Inn is proud to present an intimate Scottish Musical Evening on April 10, 2014

Alan Reid joined Battlefield Band in 1969, at a time when they were evolving into a folk group. From 1973, Battlefield Band quickly became pre-eminent in the emerging Scottish Traditional music scene, becoming established firmly at the forefront where they remain today. Reid travelled the world with the band and has been involved in more than 30 albums. Although the band's lineup changed many times, Reid was keyboarder and known as the "father and son" of Battlefield Band.

One of the many accomplishments credited to Alan Reid, is his use of keyboards in a Scottish folk band. Starting first with a pump organ, then moving later to electronic keyboards, the sound originally garnered approval and momentary objection from fans and music writers alike. But soon, the sound of the keyboards became part of the basic sound of Battlefield Band, and left the door open for other Celtic bands to tailor their sound to their taste.

In 1997, while remaining a member of Battlefield Band, Reid released his first solo album, The Sunlit Eye, on Temple Records. It featured brand new songs and tunes. In 2001, a song and tune book Martyrs Rogues and Worthies was released by Kinmor Music, the publishing arm of Temple Records. Reid also formed a duo with singer/guitarist Rob van Sante and released a CD in 2002 entitled Under The Blue which featured more new songs. He also appeared as guest singer in Vol. 1 and 2 of the Linn Records series of the complete works of Robert Burns. In 2009, he was nominated at the Scots Traditional Awards in the Composer of the Year category.

Reid is a prolific and fluid songwriter, his compositions full of imagery and stories of common folk and historical figures as well. As interesting and moving as the stories are, his musical compositions leave the listener with a strong, memorable and very singable melody.

2010-present: leaving Battlefield Band and carrying on the duo with Rob van Sante

After four decades (from 1969 to 2010) as an ever-present member of Battlefield Band, Reid decided that it was time to bow out in order to develop his writing and to follow other musical paths and partnerships. He left the band at the end of 2010 to concentrate on his musical duo with Rob van Sante who had also been Battlefield Band's sound engineer for a number of years.

In early 2011, the duo undertook a tour of Australia and New Zealand, guesting at Australia's National Folk Festival. Reid recently released an album with Rob on the life of the Scots born sailor John Paul Jones, an album for which he has written all the material.

In 2013 the duo toured Scotland, Germany, and the United States as a well as festival appearances in the U.K. and Europe.

In 2011, Reid released Recollection, a compilation album of the finest songs he wrote during his forty years with Battlefield Band. More Information

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